Aqua Dancer

Niteglowfx in conjunction with Gunjee has just built a new effect called the Aqua Dancer. This unit is the only one in the UK, the effect as shown in the photo's below is a giant shower unit which allows girls /guys dancing under a curtain of running water.

Also as seen in the photo's we have got girls dancing in Lingerie giving the dancers a sexy appeal. The Aqua Dancer is designed for clubs to hold dancing competitions for guys/ girls with prizes for the best dancers, these competitions can be held as individual events or a nationals tours depending on the clubs requirements. The water is heated prior to the event and recycled throughout the evening, we can supply lingerie, swim wear, towels and changing areas for anyone who wishes to enter the dance competitions. After the competitions are finished we allow any persons in the club to dance in the Aqua Dancer for the rest of the evenings entertainment.

Pictures of the events will be posted on the Aqua dancers web site for anyone to view, the clubs will also get video high quality video footage for there own web sites. Clubs can either supply the own dancers to start the nights entertainment or we can supply as required. The back drop has a clear plastic wallet in the middle allowing the clubs to put there own flyers inside branding the unit as they wish.

Aqua DancerAqua Dancer

Videos can be found on YouTube by clicking the links below:

Aquadancer Promotional Trailer!

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