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Foam Party Specialist NiteGlowFX is one of the Uk's leading party equipment providers. We also provide other services including Snow Effects, UV Bubble Parties, Glow in the Dark Products and Laser Light Shows. We are able to provide these services nation wide. If you would like more information on our foam machines and other equipment, or to make a booking, please contact us.

What is a Foam Party?

A foam party is great fun, and simply involves firing biodegradable foam over an area of your venue, typically a dancefloor. Normally, we will wait a couple of hours for the party to get into full flow, then fire the foam machine over the crowd, filling the dancefloor with foam upto 5 feet high. Foam parties are becoming increasingly popular, and not only add an exciting twist to your generic club night or party, but also attract people to your event.

About our Foam Cannon (Foam Machine)

The Niteglowfx Foam Cannon (Foam Machine) projects foam up to 40ft across any area. This equipment is small enough to be situated anywhere around the dance floor. This is suitable for a diversity of venues including nightclubs, ice rinks, school fields, swimming pools, beaches and many others. For safety, if required we can supply rubber matting up to 36 square meters of the dance floor area to prevent the foam causing a slippery floor. Extra matting can be supplied at extra cost

Some foam cannons operate with a hosepipe connected to the tap at all times. Due to the amount of leaking water local authorities are cutting back on water pressure. This will have a dramatic effect on the performance of these machines.

Our specialised party Foam cannon operates from a separate 200 ltr water tank. This is filled prior to the event and the correct amount of solution is added. At a typical event we project foam up to 5 times in the course of the evening each shot lasts for approx 5 minutes depending on the amount of foam the client requires. We can also regulate the amount of foam on any particular shot. At the end of the evening there is very little residual foam on the dance floor making it easy to clean up.

NiteGlowFX Videos on YouTube

Now you can access NiteGlowFX Foam Party Videos in the NiteGlowFX Youtube Webpage. Just click here and you can see the most recent videos from all NiteGlowFX parties all over the UK.

Big Foam Cannon
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Foam Cannon
foam cannon

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Other Foam Machine Related Equipment

CO2 Cannon

The CO2 Cannon is New in the UK direct from IBIZA. This device projects a jet of freezing air and CO2 into the audience. this gives a visual effect and a shock to the senses as the temperature drops by over 20ºc in the plume. Ideal for cooling hot revelers. There is no mess, no residue, no cleaning up.

Snow Cannon

The Snow Cannon is a good alternative to the Foam Cannon. It can bring a Christmas feel to your club filling the dance floor with a falling snow effect ideal entertainment for Christmas parties. We have also carried out Winter Weddings, Christmas Card Photo shoots and provided a snow effect for celebrations during the switch on of the Christmas lights. For small clubs the Snow Machine acts like a foam machine giving the Foam party effect.

UV Bubble Parties

UV Bubble Parties are fantastic nightclub entertainment for all age groups. The UV effect gives a mystical glow to the large volume of bubbles projected around the dance floor. Bubbles landing on the audience will allow them to take on a glow of their own very much like the UV face paint seen at many UV Parties. The UV Bubbles simply wash off at the end of the night.

Laser Shows

The Laser Light Shows give spectacular displays to all parties, using beams and shapes of vivid green light anywhere the club requires. We have 2x 500mm stealth green diode lasers when situated across the dance floor gives visual impact like no other effect. The control systems allow for text to be displayed and corporate logos to be projected.

Dunk Tank

The Dunk Tank is a good choice on it's own, and with our other Foam Party related equipment. It can be used outdoors at many events, including fund raising, school fetes, carnivals, promotional events and team building etc. For indoor events the Dunk Tank has a plastic screen to prevent water spillage, a 12v motor operates the system. We also supply towels and anti slip mats, a number of games can be played to make the night a great success.

Hot Tub

Hot Tubs. A crowd pulling attraction for pubs and clubs. It can be used in any area within the venue, in beer gardens or smoking areas and can accommodate 5 people at any one time. The Hot Tub has 12 directional water jets and under water led lighting. We also supply swim suits and towels for users who want to have fun in the Hot Tub. For full details please visit our "Hot Tub" page.

UV Paint Parties

The effect uses a bio degradable water based UV paint that can be easaliy cleaned up after any event. we have designed firing systems that can project paint up to 30ft across the dance floor in any direction on a continues flow basis. For full details visit our "UV Paint Parties" page.

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